Oct. 2nd, 2012

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I am in a new stage of the project. I feel it.

I printed out the script with associated illustrations that were taken from the animations, and passed it to Max to adjust the writing to read like a book, add references to the illustrations, and write captions. Meanwhile, I highlighted key terms and phrases, and have begun to write definitions and elaborations for aside comments in the book. Just having those terms highlighted caused a huge change in my sense of this project. It's as if I can see the entire content as a crystallized structure.

It looks like the manual will be about 150 pages. It is picture heavy. I'm not sure how to deal with this reality. I may have to publish it only as a digital document and let the owners print it for themselves.

The manual writing will inspire a few changes to the script, and I found a need for yet more changes to some animations. But these changes are not significant. It is only natural that changes will continue until the finish. Fine with me. I still have braces. I think braces will come off in about two, maybe three more months. That will give me time to wrap up the manual, all except for the parts that require material from the yet to be filmed footage. After I get the braces off, I will do video and final voiceover.

This thing is so unique, I have to wonder how it will be received. I hope well.


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