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Dec. 15th, 2011 04:59 pm
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Those three nasty paragraphs and the other parts of the closing section are roughly in place, but require greater finesse. It's time for fresh eyes, so I am passing the job to Max.

Man! I can't believe it... there is very little left to deal with. Any new animation I might need, if any, will be trivial. It seems like I could run out of stuff to do, unless I start final voice over. I think I'll go ahead and start VO next week, braces notwithstanding. The most fun part of the project will be synchronizing all of the sound to the animations and VO. I played with that early on, just to see if the concept was coming together. It was thrilling to see how music and sound effects could exponentially enhance interest with a dry topic. In fact, I found that music and sound effects could mask weak writing and graphics. I did not want fluffy content, so I removed music and sound effects while I worked, so I could develop the VO and animation without deluding myself. In fact, I strived to make the script understandable without any graphical support at all. Naturally, the subject is about making pictures, so to fully understand the content, graphics are required. And on the flip side, I made the animations so clear, no words are needed.

On the garment design front, I'm tweaking my personal sloper with test muslins to get the best possible fit. For whatever reason, just inserting my measurements does not provide a perfect result. The sloper is almost done, so I can proceed with real projects soon. I have settled on the design for my "authority jacket" in the video footage. It is sort of a cross between an executive chef jacket and 18th-19th century men's frock coat in dark blue. Hopefully, it'll give a smooth and flattering look to keep eyes on my face. I might also make a nice smock-like blouse to wear without the jacket. Something simple and artistic, again, non-distracting. Not sure about the pants, yet.

This clip is from a segment in my dvd about line quality on the external contours. Line quality is controlled in part by the slope at volume edges.

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