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I am crushed under the weight of this mega-project, but progress is being made.
The major work is over! I finished the primary graphics with animations over the weekend. Yes, there will be modifications, but only in minor places.

The script is all but final. I am scouring through it now, matching the flow to the newly placed graphics, which look great, by the way. When that gets all neatened up, I will make the final voice-over. That could start in the next few days. My script/voiceover calculator tells me that there are just under two hours of voice over to record. Additional graphics and sound will stretch the dvd out to a little more than 2 hours. Recording the voice over may take a few days.

With final voice over, I will synchronize all of the sound to the graphics and animations. I imagine that will take a few weeks, perhaps a month. Once that's done, I can develop footage for the talking head scenes. I'll probably be out of braces by then. Also, I think I will sew my own outfit for the talking head scenes. That way, I can look snazzy for a low price.

I can't stand how long this is taking, but if I keep going, I'll finish!

Date: 2011-06-28 12:39 am (UTC)
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Oh, well done! It's great to hear that you're making good progress with the DVD. I'd been wondering how you were going, not having heard a lot from you lately. It sounds like you're on the home stretch now, for sure!

It's vaguely entertaining to see that our projects continue to run at parallel pacing. :-) I'm just tying up the loose ends of the data prep (a big big task that is great to be just about done with) prior to starting the actual number-crunching and analysis. This is the bit that will give me actual results, and should (hopefully) take a lot less time than the prep did, assuming I've done the prep sufficiently well. And once that is done, it's just (!) a matter of finishing the writing-up, and then I'll be done.

When we're both finished, we should hold a big party! I'll graciously offer my place here in Aus for it - all you'll have to do is trot across the Pacific and attend. :-)))))


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