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Things are settled down again, since Max's return. One of his sailing friends wrote up an interview, found here.

I've been working, of course. That's as it should be. Getting the new computer is delayed until some accessories for it come out next month. I also need to know more about the new version of final cut pro, coming out soon, before I can determine how much computing power I can actually use. No need to buy the most expensive machine, if the software can't use the power.

I've been rewriting the script in the head and portrait segment of the dvd. To better compose the wording, I created the visuals for it over the past week. I'm liking the results. Here are a few images from the process...

I can't seem to embed images from flickr at this time, so I am using links for now:
It was fun building this simple wrap with elastic top and draping it to the model. The wrap was built in Silo and the draping was achieved in Poser 7's Cloth Room.

I built construction line models in Silo and placed them in Poser, attaching them to the model. Shown here is the external contour center line of the face. The model is a morph I created in Silo from the Poser character, Sydney.

In this image: Using the Sketch render feature in Poser 7, I attempted to give an egg volume any amount of transparency to reveal the center line inside, but doing so created a bizarre artifact within -- that imagery inside the egg on the right is the figures and objects in the scene whose visibilities were turned off! Their orientation did not reflect their positions in the scene, either. No tinkering resolved the bug, but the resulting renders were fascinating! The left egg has 0% transparency.

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Max just called me from his cell, six miles out from the Golden Gate. He says he'll be at the marina by around 5 p.m. He sounded happy and relaxed. Just before he got off the phone, he said, "Okay, I've got a big ship coming my way, about to run me over, so I've gotta jibe and get out of his way. Bye!"

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Max's disposition is completely back to normal today. His boat co-owner/partner and I worked on understanding his situation from a distance. One of boat-partner's friends is a doctor in Kauai, coincidentally. This doctor told partner that these bacterial infections sometimes don't respond to antibiotics, so those patients end up in the hospital. Actually, we knew that, but it was enough for Max's partner to go ahead and leave a pleading message on Max's cell not to depart until they could talk some more about his wound and treatment. That did the trick. Max had already pulled his anchor and was about to head out when he checked his cell and found partner's urgent message. He called partner and then me. Partner persuaded Max to stay put for a bit, and I persuaded him to call the doctor to discuss his healing progress. Max called the doctor, who wasn't in, but talked to the nurse. The nurse asked some questions and was satisfied with the answers and gave him the all-clear to travel. I would like to have been part of that conversation, but I must trust that all parties were clear in their understanding of the situation. Max called back, saying he was sure the wound was healing and the infection was subsiding, so he was heading out. I encouragingly wished him lots of luck and a good voyage. Boat partner and I agreed that Max did all we could hope he would and we trust he made the right decision. Max is on his way, and we can watch his position reports over the next three weeks during his trip home.

Oh, and it turns out that there were two categories in the race where he placed 1st, making his result among the best of the group. Cool!


Max and me

Jul. 13th, 2010 08:54 pm
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Um, it's a little disconcerting, regarding Max. A few days ago, he told me he cut his foot on something and was concerned about keeping it dry during the sail home. He'll be sailing back singlehanded, just like the race. Then two days ago, he called again to say the cut became infected. He saw the doctor and received antibiotics. Now he's hoping everything is under control for the trip home, starting tomorrow, even though it's not actually all better yet. A group will depart tomorrow (Wednesday) and they will track their progress in the forum. When I expressed concern about his infected foot on the phone today, he scoffed at me. Then he admitted it was worth concern. He sounded strange. I can't figure out why he seems so remote. He wasn't remote at all before.

Meanwhile, my project progresses. My pal, Thohi is contributing a musical composition for the opening section, and oh boy, it's sounding great!

And one other nice piece of news... My dear kitty, Aaron, was not well for the longest time after we brought him home as a 7 month old kitten. I'm not sure what made him most unwell -- having feline Corona virus, Giardia, or later, a tapeworm, but he simply wasn't able to handle food well. He was plagued with diarrhea over the last year. Very little food sat well with him. Slowly, one at a time, we took care of each issue. Wonderful Aaron is finally well. He is sooooo happy! It makes _me_ happy to see him relaxed and happy and eating a variety of foods without problems.

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Max came in 3rd in his division and 4th, overall. Not bad. :)
It'll take him 3 weeks to get back as opposed to the 2 weeks to reach Kauai.


Jul. 6th, 2010 12:06 am
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Max arrived in Kauai at about 6:30 p.m. PDT.

I talked with him on the phone for some time. He described the sail as rather uneventful, except for tearing his spinnaker in a squall this morning, but no other damages. He didn't think the bumpy seas and high winds were bad compared to prior experiences. He didn't see any wildlife, other than a few flying fish. No fancy sky displays. He says he hardly remembers any part of the trip. He sounded rested and happy. I knew more about the status of the other boats than he did, because I was reading all of the log reports. I told him I'm guessing he will take third place. He wasn't so sure about that. Maybe it'll be a close call. We'll see after all the boats arrive.

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I found this tidbit from the Log Reports this morning:

"The chatter in the check-in is about how to fix stuff going wrong, who cooked what for dinner, who hasn't slept for how long and why is Max on Solar Wind moving so fast? He has been trucking along at 7-10 knots when everyone else is down to 5. I know he's farther south than everyone else and when someone said they were going to sail down to where he was, he said 'Don't. I'm sucking up all the wind and there won't be any left.' I believe him."

I think he'll finish today. :)



Jul. 4th, 2010 01:24 pm
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Max's race must be grueling. Judging from the position report today, he has another day, maybe two, before reaching Kauai. Any stories he might have, if any, haven't been conveyed to the Status Reports, but from what the other guys submitted so far, it's been a bear of a crossing. Max isn't much for words. I may never get a full report of his adventure. I wish the guys would provide streaming video during the first meet-up under the tree on the beach. What stories there will be!

I've been in a race of my own. Yah, it's the dvd project -- what else would it be? Ever since I developed a sense of how long it would take to finish, I've been straining to stay on schedule. Waiting-for-the-next-computer dogs me as I hustle to complete the first rough placement of the timeline. I just finished a major sequence, which was a huge relief, so hoping for good news, I checked how much more there would be...

Ugh. If I am to believe my calculation, I am only two thirds of the way through! I thought it would be much better news. I don't want to believe it. Things have moved forward at a fast clip over the last couple months, so perhaps the final stretch will not be time consuming. In fairness to myself, when I give this a hard look, I gave myself tons of padding for the final pass. I guess I am still on schedule. I just wish it was over. Maybe I'll have a huge lobster dinner when I finish, just like those lucky Transpac sailors!

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Track Max on Solar Wind in the Singlehanded TransPac race with me!
Here is the front page. The TransPac Forum might provide news.
Position reports are here.

The log reports started. These provide amazing stories for us to "watch" the race with. Max can't send stories from his boat, but someone out there might convey a few tidbits for him from their connection.
Here are pictures of the race start.


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