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I'm very slowly examining my newly installed software. The first thing I see is that several of my final cut files are incompatible with the new version, so it appears I must rebuild certain things from scratch. Perhaps that was going to happen anyway, as I am now in a position to replace much of the rough placed material with final quality stuff.

I mentioned how excited I was that Second Life is about to introduce mesh import. Unfortunately, however, I won't be able to play with any of that for the time being -- the beta viewer for mesh crashes every time I start it up.

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As I wait to work again, I've been previewing an incredible list of new capabilities my next machine will allow. I'll finally have an up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite, and the latest Final Cut Studio. My current Photoshop is pre-3D texturing capable. I'll be able to import obj files, then paint, apply image textures or bake-on lighting right in Photoshop. This will save all kinds of time. There is also an insane new command in Photoshop that can read surrounding image content, make astute calculations, then fill a selection with data to make seamless repairs. Illustrator's new drawing tools are very slick. And InDesign now includes mind blowing built-in animation and interactive features that scream to be played with. Final Cut Studio will finally have certain basic features I needed since starting my project, and I'm sure other features I haven't thought of will find their way into my animations, too.

On top of that, Second Life has finally developed a way to import mesh objects, including the ability to replace our avatar meshes. This is incredibly exciting. Mesh import is still in Beta, but my friend Transparent and I have been checking everything out, and it looks good. I can't experience it for myself yet, as my poor bumbling computer lacks the right architecture. Some day soon (I hope) I will be able to test mesh import. As yet, there is no information about how to replace one's avatar that I can find, although it may be in the forum -- another thing I am blocked from using. With any luck, I'll get to celebrate Halloween in Second Life -- but if I miss that deadline, it doesn't matter, because every day is Halloween in Second Life! :D

Update: I found something about rigging a mesh

Meanwhile, on the orthodontic front, my teeth continue to drift into place. Although I still can't chew, it's getting close. One of these days...

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The day following my interview with Paisley Beebe, I received notice from LeeZu Baxter that she needed my gallery space for her shop. I had to move in 10 days. LeeZu kept my gallery with her properties for three years. Her generosity was amazing, but I knew it could not last forever. It was because my gallery was on her sim that I got that interview on Tonight Live... lots of good things happened because of my association with LeeZu. I completely support LeeZu's decision to expand her shops on her sim. We are still pals.

It seems like every time something ends, a new opportunity comes my way. This ending led to Transparent Banshee offering me a great new building to hang my art. It's Deco-esque, nice and big, and right on the water of the United Sailing Sims of Second Life. I'm currently hanging my art and placing signs. I created this exterior sign completely from scratch. Talk about a big job! I tried a few iterations before arriving at this solution. I think it works.

When the building and show are completely together, we're going to throw an opening party for all timezones.
I keep hoping my real life friends who haven't tried it yet might finally join Second Life and see what this is all about. Come to my party!
I'll post an invite here when we know the date.
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Paisley Beebe explains how she came to host her popular Second Life talk show where I was a guest this last week:

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I thought the interview went just fine. It was delayed because Paisley's voice wasn't activating in Second Life. Finally, it was decided that we would go ahead and start without her lipsync. Normally, her lips move with her voice, just like the other guests and mine did.

You can watch a slightly larger version at the treet tv website, or watch a smaller sized one, embedded here. In either case, click the HQ icon at the bottom right of the video to activate high definition. Click the quadrant-box icon at the far lower right to watch full screen, which only looks good if you first activate high definition. HQ will not work well at all with a slow connection, or a low-end graphics card, in which case, just stick with standard definition.

Update: due to technical issues at the treet tv website that are beyond my control, videos sometimes do not display. If you do not see a video at this time, you can try treet tv's page, or just come back later. Sorry if you don't find it on your first try. Just come back soon! Thanks.

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The date is set: April 11th, 6 pm, slt. I don't yet know what focus the interview will have. It could go in several directions. I won't know until maybe three days before the show. As the day approaches, you will likely find some sort of teaser posted on Paisley Beebe's website.
Update: I just received the questions for the interview. They will focus on my painting background and my teaching, including the training dvd project. We will also discuss how Second Life intersects with my art career. It'll be fun!

Meantime, I attended the most recent show, now posted, which was quite interesting. I sat in the audience and at the same time watched live on treet tv on the Internet. There is a short delay between inworld (inside Second Life) and the Internet broadcast, so I simply turned off my inworld audio. The broadcast has better quality sound, anyway. Also, the broadcast had lip sync, which was not available inworld (the audience is asked to turn off voice during the show). I was also able to chat with other audience members at the same time. If I had registered with treet tv before the show, my name would have displayed in chat. I was able to use chat, but my identity was simply an impersonal number. If you think you might like to participate in chat, you might want to register in advance, so you have a name when you exclaim, "Woot!" or "I love that!" or beam, "Sky happens to be a very good friend of mine!"

All of the Tonight Live shows are archived on the show's treet tv page where you can also find viewing info.
I would love to see you in the Second Life audience! If you want to attend, but have never been to Second Life, let me know and I can help you get started. No fee is required, and it can be a lot of fun!

Even if you don't come to see me "in person," you can still watch me live on the Internet, so don't miss it!

This is the poster I will be sending out to my contacts inworld. It will contain details related to attending the show.

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More about my braces later, but first, I must announce...
I'm going to be interviewed on Tonight Live.
I'm pretty sure it will be April 4th.

Isn't this great?

Turns out April 4th is Easter Sunday and the show is not on that night, so the interview has been moved to April 11th. -
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Here I am in my gallery on LeeZu Baxter's To The Nines with my pal, Thohi. We are standing in front of two of my original oil paintings.
In real life, I'm an artist. I work in oils, watercolor, printmaking, and digital media. I am currently on a break from my favorite work -- painting -- in order to finish my training video. In the meantime, I enjoy showing my art in this grand dream-gallery in Second Life. Seeing my art on the walls here is a great treat for my visitors, since the experience is so close to real life -- far better than viewing a flat web page.

Early in my Second Life, I met LeeZu Baxter while shopping in her store. LeeZu was my favorite sl designer then, and to this day I am drawn to her ever evolving, intensely original outfits. The day we met, LeeZu followed me over to my guest exhibition on Artropolis Island, which she liked so much, she invited me to start a permanent gallery next to her store. How could I refuse? LeeZu provided a huge building, then I installed the two story interior, filled it with my framed art, and made it available for sale to decorate sl residents' walls.

Something happens when you express yourself in Second Life like this. Because I brought my interests and skills into sl, I have made important new friends. I met LeeZu, of course, and just to mention four others for now, this is where I met the awesome human being and avatar designer and scripter, [personal profile] submarine_bells (Nimbus Rau in sl), and Transparent Banshee, who established and maintains his popular, gracefully designed sims in the United Sailing Sims of sl, and Seeker Gray, who had a hand in writing Second LIfe: the Official Guide, and last but not least, Thohi Torok, loyal gentle-lion and sl scripter. There are so many others, all bright, incredibly creative and interesting folks, I can't name them all. I really like knowing them, and the great thing is, they like knowing me! --We enjoy admiring each other's special abilities and devotion to this fascinating virtual frontier.

See two more gallery shots behind the cut... )