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Here are two new segments of the artist training dvd I am making, and as usual, these are all rough-ins and voice overs are low quality placeholder, only. Everything is subject to change. I'm using Motion, a part of Final Cut Studio, to build these animations from still renders, captured in Poser 7.

Flickr makes me limit access to things containing modest frontal nudity. I have no idea whether A] you can see this first one, as a result, or B] this needs to be age restricted here on DW. It seems completely tame to me, so I depend on someone else's judgment as to whether this is lewd.

In this example, you can see how the overlay elements can be moved together or separately, as needed. Very convenient.

In this example, you can see a nifty feature I added which literally draws lines from the pencil tip as I move the hand across the paper. Very convenient. The different line weights of the two short marks will be equal in the final version. The low quality render here makes them look different.

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In my last post I complained all about having to wait for new equipment and software to get this dang job finished on schedule.

Today, I worked on things that didn't require tons of render power. One task involved developing an item in Motion, which is one of the components in Final Cut Studio. It suddenly dawned on me that I could replace some 3D scenes with flat overlay animations in Motion. I just finished testing the concept and must say it looks very cool. Using a few base parts, I can largely demo my method without animating figures in Poser. Well, okay, some 3D animations are necessary, but not nearly as many as I was thinking before. Using Motion is way faster than Poser and it makes much smaller files, too. This means I might actually get my project rough placed in the timeline earlier than first anticipated. Barring unforeseen issues, early 2011 looks possible again.




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