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I'm working hard over here. This is a tidbit from this week's timeline:

As with previous tidbits, this is all rough placed and subject to lots of revision. The voiceover is placeholder quality, only.

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I've been adjusting to my new computer with new software, finding various bugs and issues. Although a slow process, I find rendering is fast, so once everything is ironed out, things will move along smoothly and quickly. However, I can see my finish date has moved out to at least summer 2011.

I created an animation of 1000 frames which turns around a close-up of my artist model. The model is made of a head from one character atop the body of another. An unavoidable seam forms between the two. I'm currently in the process of blurring the seams in all 1000 frames, which is tedious. On top of that, the result is not attractive. Since each seam must be blurred individually by hand, small differences are detectable across frames, making the animation jumpy around the neck. Yesterday, thinking the seam was caused by a surface orientation difference, I made a smoothing bridge between the head and the neck. First, I built the bridge in Silo, then I textured it with Photoshop's 3-D texturing module. It looked great attached to the neck in the Poser 8 scene, but when I rendered it, there was a clear abrupt seam on both edges. It would double the work to repair, so I lost an entire day of work in the name of saving time.

Here's a picture of the seam and repair on my digital model's neck.

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I'm very slowly examining my newly installed software. The first thing I see is that several of my final cut files are incompatible with the new version, so it appears I must rebuild certain things from scratch. Perhaps that was going to happen anyway, as I am now in a position to replace much of the rough placed material with final quality stuff.

I mentioned how excited I was that Second Life is about to introduce mesh import. Unfortunately, however, I won't be able to play with any of that for the time being -- the beta viewer for mesh crashes every time I start it up.

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Things are settled down again, since Max's return. One of his sailing friends wrote up an interview, found here.

I've been working, of course. That's as it should be. Getting the new computer is delayed until some accessories for it come out next month. I also need to know more about the new version of final cut pro, coming out soon, before I can determine how much computing power I can actually use. No need to buy the most expensive machine, if the software can't use the power.

I've been rewriting the script in the head and portrait segment of the dvd. To better compose the wording, I created the visuals for it over the past week. I'm liking the results. Here are a few images from the process...

I can't seem to embed images from flickr at this time, so I am using links for now:
It was fun building this simple wrap with elastic top and draping it to the model. The wrap was built in Silo and the draping was achieved in Poser 7's Cloth Room.

I built construction line models in Silo and placed them in Poser, attaching them to the model. Shown here is the external contour center line of the face. The model is a morph I created in Silo from the Poser character, Sydney.

In this image: Using the Sketch render feature in Poser 7, I attempted to give an egg volume any amount of transparency to reveal the center line inside, but doing so created a bizarre artifact within -- that imagery inside the egg on the right is the figures and objects in the scene whose visibilities were turned off! Their orientation did not reflect their positions in the scene, either. No tinkering resolved the bug, but the resulting renders were fascinating! The left egg has 0% transparency.

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Here are two new segments of the artist training dvd I am making, and as usual, these are all rough-ins and voice overs are low quality placeholder, only. Everything is subject to change. I'm using Motion, a part of Final Cut Studio, to build these animations from still renders, captured in Poser 7.

Flickr makes me limit access to things containing modest frontal nudity. I have no idea whether A] you can see this first one, as a result, or B] this needs to be age restricted here on DW. It seems completely tame to me, so I depend on someone else's judgment as to whether this is lewd.

In this example, you can see how the overlay elements can be moved together or separately, as needed. Very convenient.

In this example, you can see a nifty feature I added which literally draws lines from the pencil tip as I move the hand across the paper. Very convenient. The different line weights of the two short marks will be equal in the final version. The low quality render here makes them look different.

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After feeling pretty darned pleased about my progress last week, I'm disappointed with the results I'm getting this week.

I've been working on an important section about the artist's body. Measuring requires position awareness. One of the toughest things to convey to students is that there is an imaginary projection plane from which measurements are taken. The section I'm working on now is where I convince the viewer that movement by the point of view, the projection plane, or the subject leads to trouble. Depending on what moves, and in which direction, a) scaling discrepancies, b) surface visibility alterations, or c) a combination of the two develop. It's all tedious material, and while memorization is not required, the listener must not zone out. To be effective, the explanation must be short but complete. Deciding what to show and what to say is harrowing. You see, I feel under pressure to make progress right now, and since this particular section is key to the premise, the pressure is heightened. This has got to be nice. The right music will definitely help, and there will be text overlays, which will certainly re-enforce any important points. I can't work on music or text overlays until the script is finalized. :-P

This clip is a demonstration of just how unformed the section is right now. The timing is too fast. The voice over is not properly placed -- mainly because it's still in flux. When I figure out the best arrangement, the solution will seem obvious. No one will guess that this part was troublesome. The window structure in this clip is the projection plane, materialized for demonstration purposes. Normally, the projection plane is imaginary. Placement of the imaginary projection plane varies according to the measuring technique.

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I needed to solve a problem with my demonstration animations. How was I going to point out elements in 3D scenes?

At last, I hit on something I like. I create snapshots and, as necessary, move and resize them to point at and discuss. Here is a snippet from the sequence where I put the method into play. As before, this is all rough placement and subject to change. The voice over is placeholder quality, only. The timing and shaping of the parts will be adjusted and refined later. The script may change, too. But this is a big improvement and gives me a lot of hope about the feel of this project.

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Maybe I have dyslexia. It's possible. I don't learn well by reading. The written word appears remote, seeming to vaporize before it reaches my brain. By contrast, listening and watching the instructor describe and show what s/he is doing is glorious. I hear it once and it's mine. I can even extrapolate the whole while, imagining multiple implications from the new information. Because of this, I really appreciate finding video tutorials when I hit knowledge walls.

I'm noticing a distressing trend in video tutorial offerings on the web. More and more, they omit sound. The most recent example has me distressed. Today I looked for tutorials on Apple's Final Cut Pro. I found Apple's tutorial area, and there it was again.

[FALSE ALARM! ...after publishing this entry, I talked with someone about the above link and he reported he was able to hear sound! So, at least my gripe isn't about Apple's tutorials! Doesn't mean I can hear them, though. If anyone else can't hear them, I'd like to know. I'm using a non Intel mac, System 10.4.11 all updated. Thanks!]


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