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I ordered the long awaited workhorse. Then it was impaled on a forklift during shipping. There goes another week! Blah!!

Nuttn' much

Sep. 4th, 2010 05:30 pm
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I was making big strides forward for a few months, but it's been a rather frustrating time since my last post -- best described as a two-steps-backward sort of time.

Mainly, it's two things.

I'm still unable to order that new computer. There is no news on the extra features, yet to come out, even though one of these is promised for September. Hello! It's September now!

The other thing is, my bite has been getting progressively worse for the last two months. Things drifted after my teeth meshed for the first time in years. The mesh lasted only about a week. I explained this to my orthodontist during my last adjustment, but whatever he did, it did not reverse this maddening drift. Chewing is just not possible. I am so sick of this.

On the bright side, as long as nothing else goes wrong, my bite will eventually improve and the new computer will someday arrive. Meanwhile, I am rewriting the script, and then rewriting that. It's not busy work. It had to be done no matter what, so I may as well do it now, while I wait for the new computer.

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Things are settled down again, since Max's return. One of his sailing friends wrote up an interview, found here.

I've been working, of course. That's as it should be. Getting the new computer is delayed until some accessories for it come out next month. I also need to know more about the new version of final cut pro, coming out soon, before I can determine how much computing power I can actually use. No need to buy the most expensive machine, if the software can't use the power.

I've been rewriting the script in the head and portrait segment of the dvd. To better compose the wording, I created the visuals for it over the past week. I'm liking the results. Here are a few images from the process...

I can't seem to embed images from flickr at this time, so I am using links for now:
It was fun building this simple wrap with elastic top and draping it to the model. The wrap was built in Silo and the draping was achieved in Poser 7's Cloth Room.

I built construction line models in Silo and placed them in Poser, attaching them to the model. Shown here is the external contour center line of the face. The model is a morph I created in Silo from the Poser character, Sydney.

In this image: Using the Sketch render feature in Poser 7, I attempted to give an egg volume any amount of transparency to reveal the center line inside, but doing so created a bizarre artifact within -- that imagery inside the egg on the right is the figures and objects in the scene whose visibilities were turned off! Their orientation did not reflect their positions in the scene, either. No tinkering resolved the bug, but the resulting renders were fascinating! The left egg has 0% transparency.


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