Jun. 2nd, 2013

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Captions have been the bane of my life. They drove me so crazy, I had to take a break and sew for a while. Perhaps this was helpful, because while I was sewing, I thought of a new way to attack them. After getting a couple garments finished, I started back on them. Before, I was attempting to hand write them into the printed manuscript under the illustrations. No room. I tried typing them into a separate document. For some reason, my brain did not let this work. There is something about reading the manuscript, then looking at pictures, then trying to write something about the pictures that simply didn't sync up.

The solution I found was to create a template in Filemaker Pro that allowed me to identify every illustration (there are hundreds) and dictate the captions with Dragon Dictate. Talking about the illustrations was easy. At first I thought I could hand the dictation off to Max and let him work out how they would be referenced in the manuscript. To make everything easy for Max, I printed the captions to display on pages opposite of the manuscript pages with the illustrations -- In other words, every page of the manuscript. With everything all nicely organized, I sat down and looked at my handy work, and realized that I was the best judge for modifying the manuscript. I found it quite easy, although time consuming, to insert changes and improvements, move a few things around, and polish the caption writing. Page by page, I worked through the manuscript until finishing it a few minutes ago. Well, okay, there are a few more pages in the extras sections, but their illustrations are not settled yet. They should not be too much trouble when I am ready to get to them.

With captions and manuscript more resolved than ever, I can now establish and standardize the presentation of the manual. That is what I will dive into the next time I sit down to work. The change will be welcome.

Orthodontic update:
I am still in braces. It's been over three years. There are an unknown number of months to go, yet. The psychological misery around braces subsided when I totally gave up on attempting to speak or grin for long periods at once. I also figured out that I have a sensitivity to the latex in the elastics that must be used. They caused horrible painful raw welts in my cheeks and inflamed my gums wherever they touched. Once I figured this out, I was switched to plastic elastics, which was a big relief. Right now, I am dealing with a hideous sharp bracket that was placed on the tongue side of a tooth last month. It rips at my tongue as I eat. I can't wrap this story up with a string and a bow yet. I'm sure new horrors await, but I agreed to this project and I accept whatever consequences it brings.

So, in case any of my former students still read this journal, I want to assure you that the dvd project is happening. I am making progress as fast as I can, and I cannot do public things around it for a while. I still hope to see it finished this year, but it is starting to look more like not until next year. I can't stop now. It will be finished.


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