Jan. 16th, 2011

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I've reached the most difficult part of the dvd. I didn't know it would be difficult until I started it. It's the section about capturing and marking the features of the face. Getting this right is likely key to its salability. This section is full of animations that jump between the model and drawing. In action, it takes seconds to set up the face, but it's taking weeks to piece together for this dvd. I'm suffering excruciating resistance to it. Earlier this week, I found a distraction to obsess about – a sewing project. The last thing I need is to sit at a sewing machine, but I found some extremely cool designer coating that I had to have, so I ordered it. Now I'm designing the coat. I promised myself it will sew up quickly, and besides, I deserve a little recreation. Nevertheless, this dvd needs to finish, so I can get my life back.

My teeth finally mesh enough to chew more foods. I still can't manage thin stuff like lettuce, but I can process most foods at a normal speed. No more 1 1/2 hour dinner ordeals. I was able to visit with Max's relatives without fear of having a meltdown over inedible foods this Christmas, so that's progress. I haven't been doing anything social for over a year. Even at this point, social contact remains less than ideal, as I don't like complaining about the hideous contraptions in my mouth. I don't mind being seen with braces, but the pain and the several infections they caused so far end up as subject matter when I'm explaining why I haven't been around. People are wondering if I don't like them, because I've been avoiding them. So uncomfortable.

I wonder what life will be like when this dvd is done and my braces are off? It's hard to imagine.


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