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Sheesh! It took long enough! I can say with reasonable certainty that the animations for this dvd project are out of the way. I suppose there might be something I can change, but even if I don't, there would be no problem. Sometimes the maker of things -- that would be me -- must know when to accept imperfection, and this may be the day.

After I last reported on the project here, Max and I reviewed and changed several parts of the script. He recommended a couple changes to the animations, and I came up with several changes of my own to handle. All of that is done, now. The script is pretty much set in stone, all except for a couple of brief sections at the end. Those parts will be synchronized to footage, not animations, so I feel confident that the intensive graphical part of this thing is handled.

I feel a great deal of relief!

Meanwhile, I have become obsessed with clothing design. I got some software that lets me design custom sized-to-me garments. For the first time, ever, I can wear designs I imagine are best for me, and that really truly fit. I always altered my store-bought sewing patterns, but never quite got the curves to the armholes and crotch area and so-on adjusted just right. I also was never completely happy with the assorted options that came with any given pattern. This software lets me get exactly what I want and fit it right without struggle. It's new to me, so the first pieces are not as complex as I expect things to get, but I can already tell it works. I have a pile of fabric that was waiting to work with patterns that never seemed to come along. Now I can pick out a chunk of fabric and design just for it, and match the yardage I happen to have.

One nifty feature is the ability to print out pattern pieces at any scale I like, so I did a 1/4 scale model of my future plaid mohair trench coat. It allowed me to consider certain design changes without wasting materials. By making a mockup and overlaying details in photoshop, I could see if I like the proportions and check how the trim I want to add will look. Very helpful! As it turns out, this helped me see that the neckline should be wider, and I believe I will make the collar a bit bigger. And I can see the trim will work the way I planned it. The illustration here makes the edging look very thick, which it won't be. It's a crude mockup, but does the job.

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