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Jul. 13th, 2010 08:54 pm
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Um, it's a little disconcerting, regarding Max. A few days ago, he told me he cut his foot on something and was concerned about keeping it dry during the sail home. He'll be sailing back singlehanded, just like the race. Then two days ago, he called again to say the cut became infected. He saw the doctor and received antibiotics. Now he's hoping everything is under control for the trip home, starting tomorrow, even though it's not actually all better yet. A group will depart tomorrow (Wednesday) and they will track their progress in the forum. When I expressed concern about his infected foot on the phone today, he scoffed at me. Then he admitted it was worth concern. He sounded strange. I can't figure out why he seems so remote. He wasn't remote at all before.

Meanwhile, my project progresses. My pal, Thohi is contributing a musical composition for the opening section, and oh boy, it's sounding great!

And one other nice piece of news... My dear kitty, Aaron, was not well for the longest time after we brought him home as a 7 month old kitten. I'm not sure what made him most unwell -- having feline Corona virus, Giardia, or later, a tapeworm, but he simply wasn't able to handle food well. He was plagued with diarrhea over the last year. Very little food sat well with him. Slowly, one at a time, we took care of each issue. Wonderful Aaron is finally well. He is sooooo happy! It makes _me_ happy to see him relaxed and happy and eating a variety of foods without problems.


Date: 2010-07-14 07:23 am (UTC)
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I'm so glad to hear that Aaron-kitty's doing well. All your wonderfully dedicated nursing has paid off at last!

Re Max: I think in a situation like this, where you don't have a lot of information and are unlikely to have a lot of information until he gets home, it's important to try to keep a lid on the tendency to worry. I know that can be very difficult... but you really *don't* have enough info to know what's going on with him, and the remoteness might be something as simple as him being distracted by something going on with the boat at the time of the conversation. So if your brain starts doing the "maybe it's [worrying possibility]. Or perhaps it's [another disturbing if implausible option]..." do your best to squelch those thought patterns as soon as you identify 'em, with the reminder that you'll be seeing him soon enough and you can deal with whatever-it-is (if anything) then; until then, the only thing you can do is express your concern to him over the phone as and when you get the opportunity. Just trust in his common sense to handle it in the mean time, hey?



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